Works / Ngura (Country) by Vicki Cullinan

Ngura (Country) by Vicki Cullinan 2013 by Jive Art

Ngura (Country) by Vicki Cullinan

Artists of Anangu Ptijantjatjara Yangkunyjatjara (APY) Lands

Acrylic on Canvas

101 x 91 cm


Code: 394-13 Iwantja

The word ngura refers to land generally, but also has a more specific meaning as 'place of belonging'.  Country is where people are from but more importantly connected to in the very deepest sense of the word.

About Vicki Cullinan: Language Yankunytjatjara.  Vicki was born in 1970 in Port Augusta and she has always lived at Indulkana in APY Lands.  Her father was a station hand who installed and mended fences as well as building water bores.  Vicki went to school in Cooper Pedy and boarded there with her cousin during the school terms.  She did well at school and has worked at Iwantja Arts since leaving school and bringing up her family of three children.  She paints in rich traditional colours and depicts bush tucker and animals as well as country.

Selected Exhibitions:

Mossenson Gallery, Perth 2011

Gecko Gallery, Broome 2011 and 2010

Putipula Gallery 2008

Anangu Backyard Gallery Adelaide 2008

Desert Mob, Alice Springs 2007

Spoletto, Italy 2007

Skin to Skin, Canberra 2007