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Lucas -- all fired up!

For Lucas Salton it all started at a dinner party 30 years ago, when he learned of a glassblowing apprenticeship on the Sunshine Coast.  This was the beginning of his long and loving relationship with glass.  Now he travels the world to work with other masters of the medium.

Lucas says: “Glass is alchemic.  You mix dirt together, burn it with fire at about 1300°C to make it clear and molten and you control it with water, wood, air and steel but you never completely master it”.  When asked about his choice of material, he says “I simply love it”.

As a boy he was fascinated by glass and all things shiny.  He began making small glass animals by sticking together broken windscreen glass that he and his sister, Larissa, collected from the side of the road.  These days, he works in his studio surrounded by a spectacular array of colourful glass including elegant ‘Triffids’ and striking ‘Totems’ which are his signature pieces.

“The material is amazing.  It can transmit, reflect, and bend light.  It is hard, yet fragile - making it precious.  My work tends to have clean parabolic lines with rich colour and subtle qualities,” says Lucas.  “It includes an aesthetic quality that I was able to hone thanks in large part to an artist residency in Japan”.

Warner Brothers commissioned some of Lucas's pieces for the films ‘Ghost Ship’ and ‘Peter Pan’. The embassy residence of the High Commission of Brunei Darussalam in ACT acquired Lucas’ glass sculptures and he has exhibited in Munich as well as Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart and Brisbane.

He has also completed several installations in private homes, hospitals and hotels including his 320-piece installation at the Westin Hotel in Sydney and a 26-piece installation in Dubai's Sofitel Hotel.  Lucas's ability to create spectacular, one-off awards and gifts has been recognised and appreciated by companies such as Apple Macintosh and BHP as well as the Queensland Premier's Department, Museums Australia, Queensland's Smart Women Awards and the South Australia Business Woman of the Year award.

Selected Exhibitions


-     Group Exhibition at Red Desert Dreamings Gallery, Melbourne

-     Commission – Sculptural Installation, Greystone, Brisbane Technology Park

-     Art Brisbane


-     Group Exhibition at Onesimmo Fine Art Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida

-     Group Exhibition at Michela Gallery, San Francisco

-     Group Exhibition at the Hilton, Brisbane

-     Group Exhibition at Gallery O, Perth

-     Group Exhibition at Glass Plus Gallery, Melbourne

2006      -    Group Exhibition at the Sandra Ainsley Gallery, Toronto, Canada


-     Installation at the Sofitel Hotel, Dubai

-     Chandelier Exhibition, Ladner & Fell Gallery, Melbourne

-     Exhibited at the International Art &Craft Expo, Grand Hyatt, Dubai

-     Melbourne Affordable Art Show


-     Two successful solo exhibitions at the Noosa Sheraton, Sunshine Coast, Qld

-     International sabbatical with glass masters in Italy and Sweden

-     Winner of the Sunshine Coast Region Export Award



-     Premiere solo exhibition at Sheraton Noosa, Qld

-     Commission – Alamanda Private Hospital, Gold Coast, Qld

-     Commission – Greenslopes Private Hospital, Brisbane, Qld

-     Solo exhibition as artist in residency at Mulgara Gallery, Ayres Rock Resort

-     Group exhibit with Craft Australia, Munich, Germany

-     Sell out exhibition at Artifact Gallery, Tasmania

-     Commissions for Warner Brothers feature films ‘Ghost Ship’ and ‘Peter Pan’

-     Commission and sculptural installation, Halos & St Pauls on Leichardt, Brisbane

-    Commission special lighting project, public entrance, northern N.S.W. RSL venue



Kryptonite Triffids 2019 by Lucas Salton

Kryptonite Triffids

Blown Glass

Varies - 80 to 110 cm.

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Cobalt Triffids 2019 by Lucas Salton

Cobalt Triffids

Blown Glass

Various heights and sizes.


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Mid Blue Triffids 2019 by Lucas Salton

Mid Blue Triffids

Blown Glass

Various sizes

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Cherry Jaffa Triffids 2019 by Lucas Salton

Cherry Jaffa Triffids

Blow Glass

Various sizes - tall

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White Triffids 2019 by Lucas Salton

White Triffids

Blown Glass

Various heights

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Liquid Rocks 2012 by Lucas Salton

Liquid Rocks

Glass Sculptures

Various sizes from 10 cm to 25 cm


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White Triffids 2012 by Lucas Salton

White Triffids

Blown Glass Sculpture

68 to 86 cm high


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Cherry Triffids 2012 by Lucas Salton

Cherry Triffids

Blown Glass Sculpture

60 cm to 90 cm


Passionflower Orb 2011 by Lucas Salton

Passionflower Orb

Glass Sculpture

16 cm diameter (approx)


Passionflower Vase 2010 by Lucas Salton

Passionflower Vase

Blown Glass Vessel

62 cm high


Custom Totem Pole 2010 by Lucas Salton

Custom Totem Pole

Glown Glass Sculpture on Steel Pole

Custom sizing.

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Seafoam Triffids 2010 by Lucas Salton

Seafoam Triffids

Blown Glass Sculptures



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