Artists / Anita West

Anita is a mid-career Australian artist living and working in Brisbane.  She has been a professional artist for more than 30 years and her passion is painting the unique Australian landscape.  She grew up in North Queensland and spent her early years in the great outdoors, riding horses, camping, swimming and enjoying the freedom of the bush and tropical beaches she called home.  As an avid horse-rider, she worked as a Jillaroo on sheep and cattle stations during her holidays and continued her love affair with the outback.  This has left her with a deep sense of belonging and connection.  It is this deep connection that is reflected in her highly detailed and colour rich paintings.

Anita says: “Travel and my engagement with different cultures heavily inform my art practice, creating a link between places experienced, remembered and imagined.  The beach paintings are filled with a personal narrative, rich in the texture of life all around me.  Texture, pattern, patinas, motifs, numbers, signs and texts are but a few of the resources from which I borrow.   I am constantly in the process of hiding and revealing, hoping to build upon layers of image-making to bring the story to the canvas.   I am committed to producing work loaded with optimism.  Although my work is mostly narrative, I try to record the memory of my emotions in that place”.

Every painting that Anita does tells a unique story – they are vibrant, rich and technically proficient and for these reasons, her beautifully layered landscapes are highly sought after for both collections and investment. 



2017      Abundance                     Harvey Galleries                                               

2016      Back to High Country      Harvey Galleries 

2015       Bush Poetic                  Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery                     

2014       Bush, Land, Beach        Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery                    

2013      Wild Places of Home       Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery                     

2013       Under the Summer Sun  Linton and Kay Gallery                                       

2012      Recent Work                       Gallery-One                                       

2012       In the Summertime           Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery                     

2011       Coastal Landscapes          Gallery-one                                       

2011       Sand, Salt & Spinifex       Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery                    

2010       Earth and Life                    Toscani’s restaurant                        

2009       Places of My Heart           Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery                     

2008       New Works                      Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery        

2003       Illumina                         Robertsons Interior Design          

2006      Down to Earth                   Doggett St Studio                             

2006      The Stone Garden            Logan Regional Art Gallery           

2006      Testing the Waters          Redlands Regional Art Gallery     

2010       Life, Love, Landscape      Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery         

2002       Recent Paintings               Robertsons Design                            

1994       A Landscape Response     Art and Design Gallery                   

1994       Figures                           Eagle St.Pier Exhibition Space     

1993       Echoes of a Landscape    McWhirters Art Space                   

1990       Impressions                   The Palms Gallery                            

1989       New Guinea Beginnings      Umbrella Studio                                              

1988       Neo-Primitive                     Perc Tucker Regional Gallery       





Cobalt Bay 1 2020 by Anita West

Cobalt Bay 1

Acrylic on Linen

130 x 150 cm

Cobalt Bay 2 2020 by Anita West

Cobalt Bay 2

Acrylic on Linen

130 x 150 cm

Jewels in the Mist 1 2020 by Anita West

Jewels in the Mist 1

acrylic on Linen

90 x 90 cm

Jewels in the Mist 3 2020 by Anita West

Jewels in the Mist 3

Acrylic on Linen

90 x 90 cm

Jewels in the Mist 2 2020 by Anita West

Jewels in the Mist 2

Acrylic on Linen

90 x 90 cm

Shoalwater Cove 2020 by Anita West

Shoalwater Cove